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May 18, 2011
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Aldech Shaw: Reference by The-Diet-Elf Aldech Shaw: Reference by The-Diet-Elf
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Name: Aldech Shaw
Sex: Male
Age: 127 [Appears about 30]
Occupation: Freelance Assassin

Species: High Elven; Among the high elven men, stalwart features are common. They have pointed ears, and eyes that range between the colors of grey, blue and green. Their most defining feature though is their hair, which will always be a metallic shade if they are full-blooded elven [interbreeding with other species is highly discouraged].

Their species hails mainly from the North-eastern part of their continent, next to the sea. Their city is An’Arde, a strong costal city that controls much of the eastern coastline and sea routs. Because most elven men are seamen, robust physiques and a general sense of largeness are not out of place. They also tend to have very a very European range of facial structures. As a culture overall, they are notorious for being experienced slavers, colonizing “weaker, more savage” nations and being highly sexist.

The technology of their setting has not incorporated guns, steam or motorized vehicles; so the gaps are filled in heavily by the use of magic—though not all elves have a proficiency for it.

Physical Attributes: Aldech Shaw’s features are fairly hawkish, with high, defined cheekbones, a sharp jaw and deep-set eyes under a high brow. His hair is cropped short, and bronze in color while his eyes are a startlingly light cornflower blue. He does have a gold-ring around his iris, but it’s said among those who are afraid of him and his fearsome reputation that if you get close enough to see the gold in his eyes, you’re about to be dead.

His most marked scar is one just across the right corner of his mouth, which is only accentuated by how often his is smirking. Much of the time, his expression houses a somewhat reckless and carefree appearance. One will usually know when he has become truly offended if his sly smile vanishes.

As far as physique, Aldech stands at a respectable 6’1” with an athletic build. While He does not have the bull-like build of many elves, he makes up for disadvantages by being quick, sure-footed and highly flexible; with his musculature being more evenly distributed. The largest of his bulk is in his chest, shoulders and arms from the constant scaling of buildings and his sword and knife training. He is built like a typical (handsome and roguish) assassin.

Dress Sense: Aldech’s profession is all about stealth, thus the colors he wears tend to be drab and shy away from being overly flashy. Doe-skin leather boots, with very soft, flexible soles and a matching set of laced bracers are the most constant pieces of his attire. He prefers dark-elven dress sense, which includes pants and half-cloaks made of tightly spun fabric. The material is good for stopping arrows, though of what it is made of exactly he has never asked. His tunics tend to run simple, fitted, and made from light linen.

Weaponry and Equipment: Aldech’s profession demands he be well armed. His main weapons are a pair of twin mithril daggers, enchanted so that they may only be held by his hands—it is very important to note that his daggers cannot be held by anyone other than him. Should someone else try to grab any part of one, even the hilt, they will secrete a blood-colored, acidic substance that can melt through flesh. Contrarily, Aldech’s sword is simply a sword, with a light rust-and-chip-reducing enchantment, and is the type that can be bought for three silvers nearly anywhere in An’Arde.

In each boot, Aldech also carries two to three throwing knives. They tend to be the first weapon he uses when on the run or forced into physical conflict—usually in hopes of discouraging further combat. His last resort is usually his daggers—but it takes either a serious battle or an assassination to get him to use them.

He wears a double sword belt with the one-handed sword on his right hip, a dagger on his left and another dagger on an attached sheath around the back of the belt. He also has a small belt pouch, in which he keeps his coin-purse, a small amount of deer jerky, and his wanted poster.

Personality: In a word, insufferable. At least, that is what many find their first impression of him to be (provided he is not trying to kill them of course). He tries his best not to create personal reasons for disputes or grudges, since through his line of work he has enough people hating him as it is. Though Aldech Shaw may come off as a carefree, impulsive man, he is actually highly alert and suspicious of most people’s intentions. He would not think twice about knifing someone if he suspected they were going to betray him.

Aldech is very multi-faceted. His core attributes include a combination very cold practicality, extreme caution and an unwillingness to be emotionally close to any singular person. His outer personality is flirtatious, charming and generally very easygoing. To the type of person who takes others at face-value, he’s a decent sort. To those who are more cautious and intuitive, they understand that his personal vendettas are not to be discussed.

Aldech has a fondness for apples. It should also be mentioned that he hates magic, being magiked and anything pertaining to magical items.

History: All that he will disclose is that he has been a professional assassin since he was in his early twenties. His first successful assassination was of a minor lord, knifing him right between the eyes.

Abilities: To define Aldech’s abilities, one must first define his faults. Aldech Shaw cannot, NOT do magic. At all. His skills are entirely dependent on being able to assassinate people who likely have magical backup without being able to use magic himself. He is a Null, a somewhat rarer person who is dead to magical energies. Whereas even the most unskilled of sailors can at least light a candle with a small flame spell, Aldech cannot. While being a Null makes him more resilient to mental mind tricks and spiritual attacks—he can’t sense any tricky, invisible trap magic unless he can see, smell or be otherwise physically be attuned to it. Thus, he can be fairly easily trapped in runic cages and other odd hexes.

Of course, this isn’t to say Aldech is unskilled. After a few decades of gaining new scars via fire and lightning spells, he finally developed a sixth sense to incoming magical attacks. His reflexes and reaction time were developed out of hard work and pure physical training. It takes an intense amount of grueling physical strain to wear his stamina down. He is adept at climbing, running, flipping, diving and has little fear of heights, deep water or other physically challenging or dangerous tasks.

Aldech’s skillset with blades is expansive—though he is most proficient dual-wielding daggers. To be able to kill mages, for example, he had to learn how to use throwing knives well. To fight guardsman in full-plate armor, he learned how to use a one-handed sword and some fencing techniques in throwing opponents of balance. If ever disarmed completely, he is still quite dangerous as well, and can and has broken captors’ necks with his bare hands.

When asked about what would happen if he were to be relieved of all his weapons, he often replies that it isn’t the weapon that makes assassins dangerous. It’s the person behind the blade that one needs to be afraid of.

Chosen by: The Book

Gift: A Page of the Book

[For More Information on Aldech, Click the following link! [link]]

Character & Art (c) *DemonLordOnigawa
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