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Reference: Nadia vonTrapp by The-Diet-Elf Reference: Nadia vonTrapp by The-Diet-Elf
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Name: Nadia VonTrapp
Age: 19~
Gender: Female
Species: Dhampir—within the context of her universe, dhampirs are descended from vampires, though a variety that was able to mate with humans. Due to this “inter-species” union for thousands of years, aversion to sunlight, garlic, etc is no longer an issue that concerns the populace. However, they are devoid of most vampiric super-strength, enhanced speed, etc, though now have a greater potential to cast more “traditional” magic. Some families, particularly those that have less “mixed” blood still suffer a sort of anemia that needs to be cured with a regularly, usually weekly dose of blood or a very iron-rich diet.

Physical Description:
Nadia tops out at about 5'6, and while not being particularly skinny, is not overly large either. She is, in fact, rather average in most respects, though she heavily downplays a 36C bust out of sheer disinterest from having any attention called to them. No unusual amount of muscle to speak of, she squishes a little bit all over and has a scattered few freckles on her arms and back, though none on her face. Her hair is auburn-red, below the ears and above the shoulders, curling of its own volition whichever way it pleases—she has long given up on attempting to tame it, as she feels she has better things to worry about, and her eyes are dark grey. As is the case with all her people, she has slightly pointed ears and canines that are just a hint sharper than usual. Dress sense errs on the side of conservative, with relatively little ornamentation and with practically first and foremost in mind. While traveling, she keeps to simple dresses with a modest neckline, long sleeves, and tailored just below the bust so that the dress falls and does not cling or pinch inconveniently, and a plain button-down coat in case of inclimate weather. At all times, Nadia wears a belt over her clothes containing spell components, a notebook, a knife, money and other necessities, while around her neck at all times is a silver hourglass on a long chain.

Nadia was born into the VonTrapp family, one of the oldest noble families of her people, and well noted for their political involvement and their tea-industry. The most noted thing about the VonTrapp family is that it is very firmly matriarchal, and is reputed to have some of the strongest, most capable females in the entire nation.

The second daughter of her branch of the family, Nadia had always been compared to her older sister, who was always considered to be exceptionally mature and graceful, in addition to being musically gifted. By contrast, Nadia had always possessed a dangerous combination of stubbornness, curiosity, and a temper. It frustrated her mother to no end that her daughter was incapable of keeping a public face and hiding her true feelings, something of the utmost importance if one was to take part in government and politics. None the less, there was very little to complain about, at least academically—when Nadia entered the national schooling system and her aptitude was testing in order to determine which academic track she ought to be placed on, she was found to possess an incredible skill with magic. Competitive stubbornness ensured that she was always at the top of her class, and between her curiosity and her inability to do nothing, she was always reading ahead, learning more, and going beyond.

When her country opened up relations with several nations following the end of a war many centuries old, candidates were tested from the national schooling system to determine potential candidates for a study abroad program to another magic school. Such an opportunity appealed to Nadia greatly for many reasons—for the sake of her rather sizable pride, being amongst the first chosen to leave their country and experience abroad without fear was a great honor, and one she felt ought to be hers, considering her ability and potential. Academically, it would be the chance to learn new varieties of magic that her people had no knowledge of. On a personal level, it would be a chance to get away from her mother for a little while, who was attempting to arrange a marriage for her daughter that Nadia had no interest in. Passing the exams with flying colors, she was admitted to the Helcotz Magic Academy, and became apprentice to Ibial Lazugaudi, headmaster of the school and one of the most highly regarded men on the entire continent.

Nadia VonTrapp is a fiery young woman, with every bit of stereotypical temper and stubbornness that redheads are rumored to possess. She’s highly intelligent, and because of this she has a lot of pride, and as a result will often ignore her own health in favor of studying, personal research and going above and beyond in apprentice duties. At any given time, Nadia probably has not slept enough or eaten on time, but keeping busy makes her happy, and she despairs at idleness in herself and others. This is not to say she doesn’t know how to have fun—she has friends, and enjoys taking walks, talking or reading for pleasure. One of her little-known talents is to do voice impressions of other people with startling accuracy, especially when she seeks to mock or annoy, and her dry wit has managed to break the ice several times in the past. Many people her own age find her to be difficult to approach, both because of her seriousness in regards to her goals and studies, and because she tends to be very blunt. Nadia is not the type of person to soften criticisms, or tell people what they want to hear, and this makes her seem very insensitive to the feelings of others. In truth, she knows she tends towards offensive truth, and is confused whenever people ask her about anything more personal than a homework assignment. Still, even with her lack of filter, people who take the time to know her can also be assured that what she says is always genuine, and that she is not one to present false friendship. If she dislikes or disapproves of someone, they tend to know.

- Nadia is an expert-level caster of rune-magic, a detailed explanation of which can be found here: [link]
- Although she has no expertise in actual combat, she is trained in non-lethal sword dueling. Essentially, sport-fencing.
- Above-average intelligence, observational and processing skills.

Chosen By: Mudd
Gift: Her hourglass necklace has been given the function of “Opportunity.”

[ For additional visual references, click here: [link] ]

If you have any questions at all regarding Nadia’s race, her people, her time at Helcotz, magical ability or anything else you can think of, please don’t hesitate for a moment to talk to :icondragonendalia: via note! 8D

Character & Description (c) *Dragonendalia
Art (c) *DemonLordOnigawa
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